Large Capital LLC is a leading Holding Company for businesses with head office in Florida, USA. Our strategic goal is to operate strong international brands all over the United States that deliver excellent service to our customers and to accomplish our goals of becoming the best brand. We work hard to establish and operate best businesses as well as become the Investor of Choice to our Shareholders.

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Our Vision

At Large Capital LLC, our vision is for our brands to become the most preferred holding company in the markets.To be the number one choice to all our stakeholders and still remain true to our values, which are commitment, honesty, fairness, respect and loyalty. We are also striving to become a leader in the ever evolving franchise and other industries in the country, understanding that it is when we deliver an exceptional experience of quality, service, and cleanliness to all our customers through our friendly, professional, and skilled staffs and maintaining a very high operational standards. And also contributing greatly to our communities.

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Welcome to

Large Capital LLC

We are a top business holding company in Florida, USA with a commitment of finding young, unique, scalable concepts as well as delivering them to under-served markets in USA.We have developed a strategy, which is to generate income, debt reduction and utilize its solid franchise operating abilities to bring about future growth while focusing on robust operations, franchising, supply chain, food innovation,marketing, construction and store design, and customer satisfaction.

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