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Large Capital LLC

At Large Capital LLC, we believe in the future of businesses and brands. We have a mission to be a company that builds world-class business brands through our series of core values. While we are striving to accomplish these goals, our goals to create a connection with our target market so as to create unbeatable brands with a very strong, loyal and committed customer base.


The continual growth and success of Large Capital LLC has been attributed to the commitment of our people to our brands goals and through our people, we will keep serving our stake holders needs in the future.

Quality and values

Serving through quality and values and supporting our mission and vision, while we ultimately try to achieve our main goals of creating brands of choice to all our customers. Our hope is for you to enjoy this amazing journey and we look forward to serving you better.


Our strength lies solely in our diversity as well as being able to adapt to change. Henceforth, our aim is to foster an effective management team within our company, increase the competitiveness of the group, and become a group of professionals in the industry.

Large Capital LLC

We greatly believe in the future of businesses in different industries. We have a mission, which is to build chains of world class business for all our customers in Florida. While striving to achieve these goals, our aspiration is to create a bond with our target customers and develop an exceptional brand with loyal and strong customer base.


Our vision is to become the most preferred destination in our industry, to become a cut above in the eyes of our stakeholders and remain true to our values, commitment, honesty, fairness, respect and loyalty. We strive hard to be a leading brand in the evolving industries in the nation, and promise to deliver an exceptional experience.


Large Capital LLC owns, operates businesses such as franchises, fast food restaurants, and full service business holding company. We are very passionate about our clients, as well as our team members and we are hoping that you’ll take the time to visit us and join us on this amazing journey. We also hope to offer all our customers in and outside Florida an exceptional experience.


The World’s Foremost Holding Company

Welcome to Large Capital LLC official website, one of the most successful diversified investment holding companies in Florida, USA. We are internationally renowned for our interest in both high performance global brands and strategic regional interests. We utilize detailed selection criteria to identify optimum opportunities to invest and realize value from undervalued or under performing assets nationally and internationally, appreciating potential for the long term.

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