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The Large Capital LLC is to identify and support “best of the best” enterprises around the world. We employ detailed selection criteria to maximize long-term returns for shareholders and joint venture partners, and employ an astute approach to realize investment potential in addition to identifying potential assets that are typically undervalued or under performing, locally and globally through our sound investment strategy. Through this approach Large Capital LLC has cemented its position as one of the world’s foremost value investors.


Now opening in Orlando!

Burgerim is an internationally renowned fast casual franchise with a shiny new concept. Bursting with flavor, our gourmet mini burgers apply an “always more than one” approach to kicking all of your cravings in one meal. Choose from a duo, trio, or 16 pack of our gourmet 2.8 oz. patties and customize each one. With a variety of buns, signature sauces, mouthwatering patties, and flavorful toppings, your Burgerim order is custom tailored to satisfy all that you crave.

Future Investments

Large Capital LLC regularly extends its portfolio to include new opportunities. Current holdings shown do not define the limits of the company’s investment ambitions. We are also extending our sound investment strategy to the companies below.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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